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Leads Programming

The formal LEADS program takes place over five modules from July 2020–January 2021. Each module consists of day-time and evening programming and fellows are expected to attend 100% of all scheduled activities.

Time Commitment

Time in Formal Program: 8 days, 3 overnights, 3 evenings

In addition to time spent in the formal program, fellows are assigned to study groups of 4–5 people that convene between every module, beginning with Module 2. Study groups meet at times/locations that are convenient for participants and are self-facilitated and last for approximately 90 minutes each. After Module 2, participants will self-select into project groups to engage in cross-sectoral initiatives that are intended to be actionable and impactful at the city and regional level. These groups, similarly, will be self-facilitated and scheduled by participants, and it is anticipated that each group will convene approximately five times between August and January.

What will be expected of me?

100% participation is required in all program activities, including local program days, academic intensives, study groups, and project work. Beyond being present, you are expected to come prepared to fully engage in class discussion and be an advocate for the community you represent. You are also expected to work in a team that crosses organizations and sectors to tackle an issue of system-wide significance. While there is no obligation to continue your project work after the conclusion of the formal program, LEADS will provide support and possibly funding to encourage ongoing participation.

Tuition $2,500

Scholarship funds are available.

Tuition covers course materials and food for all events and programming. Hotel accommodations are provided during Modules 2 and 5 at Harvard Business School, and fellows are expected to stay in-residence during these modules. The modules hosted in the  Merrimack Valley and Boston also include evening programming but overnight accommodations are not provided and staying overnight is optional.

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