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Wong, Susu

Founder and CEO


Susu serves as the Founder and CEO of Tomo360, a Lowell-based marketing agency that focuses on digital marketing. Their clientele includes businesses, nonprofits, higher ed, and government agencies. She and her team have developed websites and created marketing strategies to meet their clients’ needs. Susu has a unique combination of marketing, business, and technical experience that provides a well-rounded advantage for her clients. Before starting Tomo360 in 2012, Susu has worked on various companies that range from high-tech industries, healthcare, biotech, higher education to startup companies. She was an adjunct professor at the University of Lowell, a speaker, and an instructor for the Center of Women Enterprise. In 2010, Susu co-founded Women Accelerators, a nonprofit organization based in Cambridge and Lowell that helps early-stage women in their career development with educational, mentoring, and leadership training programs. She was a founding member and Director of the Board of the Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce. She is also a Board Member of OutBIO, the biotech industry’s largest LGBTQ professionals’ group.

Susu was born in Hong Kong and attended High School in Macau. She lives with her partner Julie and their two cats, Kashi and kitie Ziggy. Susu loves being outdoors in her spare time, where she enjoys snowboarding, biking, swimming, running, and kickboxing.

Susu holds a Masters of Science in Management from Lesley University, is certified by Northeastern University in digital marketing, and certified by Georgetown University in website design.

Wong, Susu
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