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Bevilaqua, Fran


Bevilacqua Builds, LLC

FRANCIS BEVILACQUA is the owner of Bevilacqua Builds LLC, a construction and real estate development firm working with residential and commercial projects north of Boston. Before starting Bevilacqua Builds, Francis spent 20 years working in construction and development. Being entrepreneurial, he has opened other small businesses among them a liquor store and a restaurant/bar. Bevilacqua Builds’ office is in Downtown Haverhill and he resides in Haverhill with his wife and two children. Francis is also active in the community, serving on the boards of The Greater Haverhill Boys and Girls Club, The Weitzman Institute for Arts and Industry, the Greater Haverhill Foundation and the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce.

When he is not wearing his hard hat or serving in the community, Francis tries to spend as much time with his family as possible. He has a large family that lives mostly in the Haverhill area who enjoys getting together often. He enjoys spending time at the beach and being active.

Francis graduated from Merrimack College with a BA in Marketing. He is a licensed unrestricted construction supervisor.

Bevilaqua, Fran
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