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Everett, Dennis D. Jr.

Director of Restorative Justice

Executive Office of Public Safety and Security

Dennis D. Everett Jr. is the Co-Founder of Power of Self Education (POSE) Inc., a Haverhill based non-profit whose mission is to “Inspire people and mobilize resources to strengthen communities”. Dennis is also a Journeyman & Member of The International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Local 6 located in Dorchester, Mass. Prior to joining Local 6 Dennis was an Assistant Program Director for North America Family Institute, where he specialized in supporting youth residential programs in crisis as well as developing supervisors, direct care staff and role modeling day to day crisis management. Dennis has 10 years of attuned experience working in community-based initiatives.

Dennis is a natural community activist having lead several cross-sector community mobilization efforts, and serves on various city and regional committees to address multi systemic community issues. Dennis is also a gifted public and motivational speaker interacting with various local and state level platforms ranging from convocations, symposiums, citywide prayers, restorative circles, spiritual life and recovery groups. Dennis is well known for his work with men, youth and returning citizen. He sites his source of strength is in always staying grounded and connected to God and the people in the communities in which he serves. Dennis is a dedicated husband, father and ordained minister, a multi-talented artist and passionate agent of change. He draws from his personal experiences to transparently inspire those in his community and beyond.
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Everett, Dennis D. Jr.
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