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Everett, Katrina (Kat)

Consultant and Adjunct Instructor

Merrimack College

Katrina (Kat) Everett is the Co-Founder and CEO Power of Self-Education (POSE) Inc., as well as Founder and Curator of COCO Brown. Kat has over 22 years of refined experience in the human and social services field working in a variety of professional settings and levels including grassroots organizations, public and private sector, governmental, city, state, and federal entities. She also brings 10 years of diversity/equity/inclusion education experience cultivating and working with cross-sector teams locally, nationally and globally. Kat brings extensive community engagement and relationship development experience. She is skilled in innovative approaches and transformative interdisciplinary pedagogy. Additionally, Kat is an educator, social justice advocate, curative, writer, and spoken word artist.

Born and raised in Haverhill, MA., Kat has lived in Maryland and Virginia. Returning back to Haverhill in 2010. Kat and her husband Dennis have a blended family and are raising 7 children. Kat enjoys all things multilayered and creative. Her personal mission is: “Constantly Cultivate Community”

Kat has a M.Ed., Community Engagement in Higher Education from Merrimack College and a B.A. in Human Services from UMass Boston.
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Everett, Katrina (Kat)
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