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Viera, Andreina

Co-Founder & President

Arka HR

Andreina Viera is an administrative professional and business aficionado, committed to creating solutions for businesses and enabling growth in professional settings. With over 20 years of experience in the executive world, she has worked in the offices of industry leaders in fashion, food, health, and education.

In her most recent role as the CEO of The Vieras, Andreina, is a connector of people, ideas, and professional development helping businesses increase their margin while decreasing their liabilities. Andreina has saved her clients millions in operational pivots while providing their back-office support in specialized areas such as Accounting, Administrative, HR, Marketing, and Safety & Environmental Services. The Vieras is the one-stop shop for any size business.

Andreina is also an international public speaker and her personal passion is to create opportunities for women of color and empower growth within disadvantaged communities.

Viera, Andreina
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