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Garcia, Tobit

Senior Accounting and Tax Advisor

JBS Corp

Tobit Garcia is a senior accounting and tax advisor, and now also a shareholder of JBS Corp. After joining the family-owned accounting and tax firm in 2016, he became inspired by the work with individuals and small businesses. Tobit joined JBS Corp in 2016 at the Lawrence office and immersed himself in the field. He learned the business’ ins-and-outs and has since dedicated his time to providing financial literacy in English and Spanish to help community members better understand tax work and accounting so that they may use these tools to grow themselves and their small businesses. In 2019 Tobit and his wife opened a social justice consulting company that aims to support organizations in developing more inclusive and equitable spaces through training and facilitation work.

Originally from New York City, Tobit lives in Haverhill with his wife Viviana, their son Xavi, and their dog, Shea Butta. When he does not have his accountant hat on, Tobit enjoys spending time with his family and playing basketball. Tobit is also a recording engineer and music producer and runs a recording studio on Island Street.

Tobit attended Fordham University in New York City where he studied international politics, economics, and law.

Garcia, Tobit
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