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The Fellowship

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A dedicated group of experts in executive education from Harvard Business School created LEADS to expand access to entrepreneurial frameworks and skills.  LEADS goes beyond standard leadership training to provide true leadership development — creating changes in mindset and perspectives, and providing a holistic way to look at local and regional problems.  Connecting a wider set of diverse leaders who may not have previously crossed paths provides a new base for making change in communities.

LEADS combines the academic rigor of a Harvard Business School course with experiential learning opportunities.  Participants develop skills to better position their businesses and organizations for growth, build  capacity as civic leaders, and make invaluable connections.

Fellowship Heads
to the South Coast

LEADS is excited to be bringing our Fellowship to the South Coast, prioritizing New Bedford, Fall River and the surrounding towns—for our next two program cycles in 2024 and 2025.  Working alongside of Leadership South Coast as our primary partner in the region, the effort is supported by a large coalition of community partners that similarly recognize the outsized opportunity created by investing in leaders, cross-sectoral working relationships, and innovative problem-solving. 

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What will I gain?

Entrepreneurial expertise.  Growth as a leader.  Trusted relationships.  

Virtually all our fellows note the positive impact of LEADS on their mindset and capacity as leaders.  


report increased confidence to set higher aspirations and a bolder vision for change


report increased ability to include diverse stakeholders in their work


report increased understanding of system-level approaches to change


What is included in the curriculum?

LEADS programming is built on the recognition that everyone in the room is a well-established leader and works to support participants leverage their leadership to be more effective—in their organizations and their communities. 


We incorporate a ‘participant-centered’ educational approach that utilizes the HBS case study methodology, allowing leaders in the room drive conversation and share expertise.  While specific cases can change from year to year, we prioritize the following topic areas:

  • Individual Leadership and Personal Narrative Building 

  • Collaboration 

  • Organizational Leadership and Strategy 

  • Systems Thinking 

  • Teaming 

  • The Entrperenuerial Process 

Additionally, LEADS incorporates issues-focused programming,

as prioritized by those involved in the Fellowship, which includes systems mapping, customer discovery, data-based research, and identification of systems-level weaknesses and leverage points.   


The culmination of the issues-based work is the establishment of actionable project teams (comprised of 4-8 participants) dedicated to specific intervention in a targeted priority issue area.   


Click below for a listing of the kinds of issue areas and projects developed by previous cohorts. 

What is the time commitment and feel of the program? 

Our programming is scheduled and structured for busy people, and built from decades of experience understanding how leaders learn and how trust in engendered. This includes a combination of large group learning complimented by small group work as well as social components along side of academic and experiential learning opportunities. Our Fellowship year runs from the fall through June.

Where is programming held?

While each cohort schedule is slightly customized to meet the specific needs of the region involved, the majority of program modules are hosted in the community, with some modules hosted in Boston/Cambridge. 

Discover more about our extraordinary faculty  

How do I apply?

Currently, participation is by nomination only.  All of our community partners serve as nominators. If you are interested in applying please contact them directly.

How much will I pay?

Participation in LEADS isn’t dependent on fellows’ ability to pay. We have scholarship dollars available in a needs-blind selection process to ensure that price is not a deterrent to participation. 

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❝I was interested in the entrepreneurial model – that’s not where I come from –
I have just picked up things along the way. LEADS was inviting to me to learn about these things and to be part of a group to learn from and share ideas.❞

What will you do as a LEADS fellow?

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